Thousands of Dutch Bitcoiners affected by a leak at Ledger: What can you do?

Customer data of thousands of Dutch people are on the streets due to a leak at the bitcoin hardware manufacturer Ledger.

As you have already been able to read with us, a part of the customer base of Ledger has been hacked. More than 8000 Dutch people have been affected. Of them their address has been leaked.

Attention! Your bitcoin is not in direct danger because of this leak.

Dutch data
There were 8265 Dutch addresses in the leaked order data. Of course, we Bitcoin Era cannot determine whether the people still live there, or whether they were office addresses.

There were 1012 addresses from Amsterdam, 396 from Rotterdam, 627 from The Hague, 271 from Utrecht and 180 from Eindhoven.

In the leaked email data you can see that 268 email addresses contained the word „student“. It can also be seen that employees with email addresses from Bitonic and Satos may have been customers of Ledger. Addresses of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works, the Tax and Customs Administration, and several hospitals (Radboud UMC and VUMC) can also be found in the leaked database.

Has your data been leaked?
If you are on Telegram you can ask @KaasRobot if your data is in the leaked data. It is a Bone of Cheesecake on Telegram, a friend from the Bitcoin Magazine Telegram group.

Once your data has been found, you can join the group of Dutch victims if you like. There we discuss solutions and possible steps together.


Then here’s something else:

The site has an action for people who have been affected. If you order to an address that was in the leak, you get 5% satsback via Lightning.

This means that after your order bitcoin will be returned to a wallet that supports Lightning, such as BlueWallet. And don’t worry: with bitcoin stickers they remove your address immediately after shipping.

Lightning is a second layer on bitcoin with which you can make cheap micropayments. A refund of a fraction of bitcoin can therefore be made cheaply. We wrote about the Lightning network earlier on Bitcoin Magazine, if you are looking for more information.