Crypto Influencer Accused of Dumping HODL Token on Followers

• Crypto influencer DannyCrypt has been accused of dumping tokens on his followers, shortly after receiving them for marketing.
• ZackXBT alleged that DannyCrypt sold the majority of the tokens for $57k (31 ETH) to his unsuspecting followers.
• DannyCrypt attempted to distance himself from the claims by making a post and untagging himself from it.

Accusations Against Crypto Influencer

ZachXBT has accused several crypto influencers of engaging in pump-and-dump scams and profiting from the misery of others. This time, he has targeted yet another figure who goes by the name ‘DannyCrypt’, for allegedly dumping tokens on his followers.

Details of Alleged Scam

DannyCrypt was reportedly given 2% of the supply of a certain token to assist with marketing. However, 15 minutes after receiving them, he allegedly sold the majority of them for $57k (31 ETH) to his unsuspecting followers. He was actively promoting a new coin called „HODL“ on social media and tweeted about “hodling” its tokens but then immediately dumped them after claiming that its price had stabilized.

DannyCrypt’s Response

In response to ZackXBT’s claims, DannyCrypt tweeted that “Team is not angry that I sold but cos they all couldn’t sell before me after keeping over 70% of the presale Whitelist for themselves.“ He also stated that if anyone came for him he would block them.

Reaction From Followers

Shortly after making these statements, DannyCrypt made another post playing victim and untagged himself from it – an attempt to distance himself from these accusations further. Nevertheless, his followers were not pleased with this situation as they felt betrayed by someone they trusted in terms of crypto investments decisions..


The incident underlines how important it is to be careful while investing in cryptocurrency projects as there are many scammers out there who take advantage of innocent investors‘ trust and money in such schemes.