Bullish March: Bitcoin Price Jumps 10% on Average!

• Bitcoin’s historical performance in March shows an average 10% increase each year.
• 2013 marked a major change when Bitcoin closed the month at $92.19 – a 176.2% rise from the start of the month.
• From 2014 to 2018, Bitcoin saw mostly bearish conditions, with its worst March on record being a 32.8% decline in 2018.

Bitcoin’s Historical Performance in March

Bitcoin’s performance over the last 12 years has seen an average 10% increase each March, though there is variance between each individual year. Following February’s ultimately flat results, investors are curious to see what this upcoming March will bring for BTC prices.

The Halving and Bitcoin Prices

In its early days, March wasn’t particularly bullish for BTC – however things changed in 2013 after Bitcoin’s first halving in November 2012 which resulted in a 176.2% rise from the start of the month to close out at $92.19 by the end of it. The five subsequent years saw mostly bearish conditions with its worst performance coming in 2018 where it fell 32.8%. This too was connected to another halving that occurred one year prior just before this bear market began.

What Can We Expect For 2021?

With 2021 already seeing positive price movements for Bitcoin, investors are looking forward to see how this march may perform both generally and compared to previous years‘ statistics as well as given historical context of its relationship with halvings and supply crunches that have been known to trigger major price momentum boosts historically speaking throughout Bitcoin’s lifetime thus far .

Factors Impacting Price Movement

There are a variety of factors that can affect price movements such as general market sentiment, macroeconomic events and news releases that could be seen as bullish or bearish depending on their content and implications – all of which can have varying impacts on whether or not we get bull runs or bear markets like we have seen over time leading up until now .

Conclusion It remains unclear what exactly will happen but history has shown us that while there is potential for bullishness during this period , it is impossible to tell with 100 percent certainty what will happen . As always , investors should exercise caution when making any investments and always do their own research before doing so .