Bitcoin Reaches Record High, MEXC (MX) Soars to Intra-Year High

• Bitcoin recently surged to a new 2023 high, with its price rising over $25,000.
• MEXC (MX) has been the top performer in exchange tokens, with a 7-day growth of 32%.
• MEXC announced that its futures business made a significant breakthrough, with an average daily trading volume growth of 1200%.

Bitcoin Price Surges to $25K

Bitcoin recently surged to a new 2023 high, reaching a price level of over $25,000. This has sparked a frenzy of activity in the cryptocurrency market and investors are flocking to take advantage of these gains.

MEXC (MX) Hits Intra-Year High

MEXC (MX) has been the top performer in exchange tokens during this period, with a 7-day growth of 32%. The token is currently trading at $1.21 with 24-hour trading volume of $2,954,282 and has exceeded 10 million users since September 2022.

MEXC’s Deep Liquidity Supports MX Token

MEXC’s deep liquidity helps to support the MX token by providing investor confidence that positions can be entered and exited without deeply impacting the market price. The platform’s commitment to „User First“ has earned it recognition as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Services by Cloudflare.

Protectionism for Investors

The platform also provides protectionism for investors via its own insurance system which covers any losses incurred due to technical issues or malicious attacks on user accounts or the exchange itself. In addition, MEXC offers 24/7 customer service and regularly updates its security protocols to ensure user data protection and privacy.


Overall, MEXC continues to show strong performance and deep liquidity which supports its MX token rally as Bitcoin reaches a new all time high breaching above 25k USD this month. With robust security protocols in place and dedicated customer service team available round the clock, users can rest assured that their assets are safe on the platform while taking advantage of lucrative opportunities provided by volatile markets like cryptocurrencies.